Sisters Alyson LaFour and Leigh'Ann LaFour Krueger have been working together to provide a positve Christian environment for their students since 2008.

Leigh'Ann started competitive cheer in 1994 and competed in cheer and dance unti she graduated from Tivy High School in 2005. After finishing her BA Psychology degree at Schreiner University in 2009, she continued to grow the studio.

Alyson is a 2011 Tivy graduate who has been in competitive cheer since 2007. Alyson served as captain for the Tivy High School cheerleaders, where she was a member all four years. She has been coaching and molding students ever since!

Decorated Athletes

Ginger Saunders will be a 2017 Tivy graduate who has been awarded over 16 National Champion Titles including several American Cheer Power High Point Champion Titles. Ginger has dominated the Cheer Only category since 2013

Madison Lugo has also been competing in Cheer Only since 2014. She has been awarded 9 National Champion Titles including American Cheer Power's High Point Champion.